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Composition Workshops

We have outlined below when we will be running the 2013 Composition Workshops. If you are interested you should book your spot now as we are limiting the spots to a maximum of 15 attendees.

July Workshop - Urban Exploration Workshop

One of the most historic and quant cities in Ontario is Galt, Ontario. With its long history of being a mill town, the factory buildings still stand. Now, 100 years later, modern facilities have crept in and a well conceived mix of old and new exists on this river town.

From some of the oldest churches, to the Grand River, to the University buildings; you will be presented with photogrpahy opportunities of old and new.

Date: Saturday, July 20 from 9am till 11:30am

Fall Colours in Paris

August Workshop - Under the Stars and City Light Workshop

If you want to capture the photo of a lifetime you have be there at the best times. The Toronto skyline is one of the most photogenic along the Lake Ontario coastline.

We may be getting up early for this one, but you will be presented with skyline photographic opportunities that range from city lights, to blue hour and into the golden hour.

We will start our on the waterfront and end our time together at the Distillery District in Toronto.

Date: Saturday, August 31, 2013 from 4:30am till 8:30am

September Workshop - Golden Hour Workshop

One of my favorite places to photograph is along western shores of Lake Ontario. It is here where you will be presented with a beautiful view of a sunrise over the water. Along the beach you will also see broken down piers, birds and a very photographic shoreline with a mix of sand and pebbles.

Everyone that visits this location wants to return time and time again... and so will you.

Date: Saturday, September 7, 2013 from 6:30am till 9:30am

October Workshop - Fall Colours Workshop

The Forks of the Credit offers the photographer some of the most beautiful scenes in Ontario. The undulating landscape and dense tree population, combined with flowing rivers is unmatched in Ontario. Come with us as we go and photograph this area while we teach you how to capture those iconic photos you see in calendars and postcards.

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 9:00am till 11:00am

On our Creative Composition workshop you will learn how to develop your photographic eye and start to create great photos rather than just taking snaps.

The workshop is aimed at beginners who are new to their camera – whether a compact or DSLR – and who are looking for a gentle introduction into photography.

The Creative Composition workshop will be of use if you are looking to create images that are pleasing to the eye and create visual stories that are interesting.

Your workshop will begin with a discussion on what makes "Good Composition".

  • Orientation and the rule of thirds
  • Leading lines, curves and S-bends
  • Framing and filling the frame
  • Perspective and depth of field
  • Colour and shapes

All these compositional terms will be explained using a range of professional images.

For those that want to take composition to the next level we will ave creative accessories available to use like Lensbaby lenses and other products to help you on your creative photographic journey

After our discussion we will be putting the theory into practice.

As the workshop moves outside, 1:1 time is available with the Workshop Leader(s) to help you apply such principles to your own photos. It finishes back indoors with a review of your photos over coffee; a powerful opportunity to understand how others see and capture scenes.

The practical discussion will take place at a predetermined location where we can sit as a group and have a discussion without interuption.

Although this workshop can be completed at any time, it is well suited to being taken at the beginning of your photography journey.

Our workshops run from two (2) to three (3) hours and the timing has been listed above in the Composition Workshop schedule.

How It Works

You arrive at the workshop at the predetermined time. You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the workshop.

Once you register you will receive directions to the studio.


If you book mor ethan two classes, a 10% discount is applied. If you want to book two of the 2013 workshops at once, a 25% discount will be applied if you book more than two of 2013 workshops at once - contact me for details as the payment option below does not offer the VIP discount )

Not included is your transportation to and from the workshop location. We will send you directions once you register for one of these workshops.

A maximum of 15 participants are our numbers for one of our Composition Workshops ensures quality instruction.


There are no refunds offered 30 days prior to the workshop. If you cancel and can find a replacement for yourself that will be allowed if you notify me.

Anyone cancelling longer than 30 days before the workshop. You will receive a refund less a $5 administration fee.

Who Should Attend

The photographer that will get the most out of one of these workshops is someone that has a camera and wants to learn how to take better photos with the gear they have.