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Imagine that You are in a location that most people will only ever dream about travelling too. You are all set and a cheetah is chasing down prey... your pulse quickens and you are not sure what the shutter speed should be set at... so you just take the series of shots and that once in a lifetime scene is now a blur of animals. Why? You were not prepared to get the shot. You did not have the photographic mentoring standing with you to prepare you for that once in a lifetime shot.

A Photographer's Lounge leader will make sure you have the pre-trip briefing, field instruction and night time recap discussions to make sure you are prepared.Our goal is to develop world class learning workshops for photographers of all aptitudes. Each designed for specific photographic styles and levels of photography.

Read what others say about our workshops and please check out the workshops below that are available for you.

May 2013

- From the real life "Top Gun" flight briefings, to hours of air to air photography opportunities and static plane shoots with period costuime models and pin up girls... you will be immersed into aviation photography for our workshops. Our subjects for the workshop range from AT-6 Texans, to P-51 Mustangs, WW2 era bombers and a host of other aircraft from the history books.

Spots still remain for both May Workshops

June 2013

- On this photo tour we will be travelling to the south of France to photograph one of the most beautiful areas of the world. We will also be spending time with the legendary Camargue While Horses in the surf.

There are still spots available for this workshop

July 2013

Mongolia Naadam Festival - From the opening ceremony that will give you a taste of the huge array of spectacular sights that you will see over the three day celebration. Men, women and children all attend wearing their finest traditional Dell (National Dress). To watching the best wrestlers and archers at the festival grounds show off their abilities and win prices. You will be one of very few westerners to see and capture with your camera what people have described as the nomad Olympics.

SOLD OUT. Contact me about our other Mongolian workshop we have set up

September 2013

Iceland - On this photo tour we will be travelling to the highlights of Iceland with resident PRO photographer, Tim Vollmer and Rick Sammon. The focus of this photo tour is on nature and landscape.

SOLD OUT. I am headed back in February of 2014 for Northern Lights and beautiful scenery. Check that tour out .

October 2013

Venezuela - This is an exclusive photo tour to see the natural marvel of the Catatumbo lightning. Catatumbo has more lightning strikes for 160 days a year than any other place on the planet. We will also trek up into the Andes mountains . Your workshop leader will be Kevin Pepper.

There are still spots available for this workshop.

February 2014

Iceland Winter Workshop - Join Kevin Pepper and Tim Vollmer on this unique experience. Together we will travel across Iceland during the end of their winter season. From the Nothern Lights, to volcanic formations, and stunning waterfalls, we will capture it all through our lens.

April 2014

Tanzania, Africa is one of the most awe inspiring places on our planet. It is situated on the east coast of African and offers photographers both traditional african safari's as well as beautiful landscapes. Join Kevin Pepper as he travels back again in 2014

This workshop will have a limit of 9 photographers in 3 safari vehicles. Spaces are already starting to fill up. Contact me for details and we will get your spot secured.

September 2014

- Come with Denise Ippolito, Deborah Sandidge and Kevin Pepper as I travel back to Paris for the 7th time in the last decade. In September of 2014 I will be running two, one week workshops. We will capture the city, the lights, the people and the emotion.

October 2014

Mongolia Golden Eagle Festival - Join Jim Zuckerman and Kevin Pepper as they travel to the Gobi desert to capture the ancient ritual called, The Golden Eagle Festival.

This workshop is running. Contact me if you would like to attend. We only have 3 spots left as space is limited when we travel to the Gobi and attend the eagle festival

November 2014

Fraser Valley, British Columbia - Join me as I return to one of my favorite places on earth, the Fraser Velley, British Columbia, a place I used to live. We will be running multiple bald eagle workshops back to back during the peak of the Bald Eagle migration as they feed on the millions of migratory salmon.

The bonus is that we also have the opportunity to spot bear, seals and other birds of prey as they congregate to feed on the salmon as they return to their spawning grounds.

Contact me for details as I have not yet choosen exact dates of these 3 day workshops. Youshould plan that the workshops will be the last two weeks of November, and possibly into the first week of December.

The Workshops that we have been hired to be on have been thoroughly researched and negotiated with the local tour companies. These tour companies are accredited and insured for your protection. The Photographer's Lounge has been hired by these companies to accompany you on your trip to ensure that you get the shots you expect, at the best time to take that once in a life time photo.

The Prices of these workshops are some of the best in the photograhy workshop industry . We have worked with our tour companies to create the most economical pricing we can come up with. Your tour is comprised of ground based costs and expert photography teaching costs. For full disclosure we can offer you a breakdown of these costs. Please enquire with the specific tour company if you wish a breakdown of these costs.

Our goal has always been to work with travel agents and tour companies that develop world class photo tours that you will remember for a lifetime , yet  never forget that most people are budget conscious. The prices you will see on the photo tours we have chosen to take with you are some of the best you will find anywhere. Please look below at the trips the tour companies have planned for us in 2013 and beyond.

Once you have taken the shots the learning does not stop. The photography workshop leaders are also skilled in the "digital darkroom" .  We will conduct discussions and sessions on post processing and suggest editing methods used by the PROs to create the printed and digital images you have admired.

We are environmentally and socially aware on every trip that our tour partners create for us. The tour companies that hire us also employ local people and use local suppliers whenever possible. We are then satisfied that the money we spend will stay in the local communities we visit to help sustain the environments we visit together.

The Photographer's Lounge only employs experienced photographic leaders to run our workshops and tours that we are hired by tour operators. Each of our leaders has been identified as a leader in their respective areas of expertise. To see the photo galleries of our tour leaders plse visit the Photo Gallery

Our " Keys to the Lounge " program is our way of thanking our existing photograpy clients. This program is designed to treat you like a VIP and offer you and your friends discounts. We also negotiate with the tour companies that create our tours to offer you a referral bonus. .

We also believe in making sure you are fully informed about our trips . That is why we research the areas the tour companies we have choosen to work with/for. Once we know they are they are sending us to we do our own research and post information on our blog about the areas.

We are concerned for your protection. We only work with accredited tour companies and travel agents around the world. All final financial transactions are between you and the tour company. This is done to ensure that your trip is insured and you know where your money is going. These tour companies then employ and pay the Photographer's Lounge to be your guide. The Photographer's Lounge does not profess to be a tour company or travel agent.

For more information on the standards that govern the tourism industry in the Province of Ontario in Canada, please see the guidelines on the Travel Industry Council of Ontario website .

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