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2013 International Workshops

Connecting with the pure essence of nature, being introduced to new cultures that have existed for thousands of years… all leaving you with timeless memories.

Such experiences are not always common. But a tour with us is more than just a visit to the places we are hired to take you too— it is an experience lead by a local, experienced guides and a professional photographer to ensure you capture the experience through you lens.

While the tour company worries about logistics of the tours they take us on, we concern ourselves with the photographic opportunities on the trips they have created for us.

Our experiences are a blend of excitement and immersion into local culture, an experieince of delightful surprises and sometimes of uncommon luxury... but always keeping in mind your budget and desired time you have to spend with us.

Whether you're looking for a classic African safari, a journey to the interior of South America, a private off-the-beaten path journey, or a personal exploration of  these locations local cultures and rituals, there is simply no experience like a photo tour with the Photographers Lounge. We invite you to explore this section of our web site and get a sense of the different travel experiences that you could live for yourself in 2013.

Mongolia Naadam Festival - From the opening ceremony that will give you a taste of the huge array of spectacular sights that you will see over the three day celebration. Men, women and children all attend wearing their finest traditional Dell (National Dress). To watching the best wrestlers and archers at the festival grounds show off their abilities and win prices. You will be one of very few westerners to see and capture with your camera what people have described as the nomad Olympics.

Iceland - On this photo tour we will be travelling to the highlights of Iceland with resident PRO photographer, Tim Vollmer, Kevin Pepper and Rick Sammon. The focus of this photo tour is on nature and landscape

Venezuela - This is an exclusive photo tour to see the natural marvel of the Catatumbo lightning. Catatumbo has more lightning strikes for 160 days a year than any other place on the planet. We will also trek up into the Andes mountains. Your workshop leader will be Kevin Pepper