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2014 International Workshops

We have been planning and negotiating the 2014 photo tours with the companies that hire us since the spring of 2012. Travelling to these locations, discussing all the small details with their guides and local contacts... all in the effort to make sure all of your hopes and desires are met.

As we strived to to develop a lifetime of memories in 2013, 2014 is also about connecting with the pure essence of nature, being introduced to with new cultures that have existed for thousands of years… each leaving you with timeless memories.

We have worked with the tour companies that hire us to ensure te experiences this year are a blend of excitement and elegance, an experieince of delightful surprises and uncommon luxury in remote locations you never knew could exist... but we made sure the tour companies always keep in mind your budget and desired time you have to spend with us.

Whether you're looking for a classic African safari, a private off-the-beaten path journey, or a personal exploration of  these locations, local cultures and rituals, there is simply no experience like a photo tour with the Photographers Lounge. We invite you to explore this section of our web site and get a sense of the different travel experiences that you could live for yourself in 2014.

Iceland Winter Workshop - Join Kevin Pepper and Tim Vollmer on this unique experience. Together we will travel across Iceland during the end of their winter season. From the Nothern Lights, to volcanic formations, and stunning waterfalls, we will capture it all through our lens.

Tanzania is one of the most awe inspiring places on our planet. It is situated on the east coast of African and offers photographers both traditional african safari's as well as beautiful desert landscapes. Join Kevin Pepper as he travels back to Tanzania

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Come photograph the Camargue horses in the surf and at the various local farms. We will also be visiting the lavender, wine and olive fields in the Luberon Valley and then finish this semi-private workshop in Paris.

On the first Sunday we will also visit the city of Arles during the costume festival. Please check out our trip here .

Come with Deborah Sandidge and Kevin Pepper as I travel back to Paris for the 7th time in the last decade. In September of 2014 I will be running two, one week workshops. We will capture the city, the lights, the people and the emotion.

Week One with Deb Sandidge

Mongolia Golden Eagle Festival - Join Jim Zuckerman and Kevin Pepper as they travel to the Gobi desert to capture the ancient ritual called, The Golden Eagle Festival.

Venezuela - Join me as I head back to Venezuela for another adventure to see the Catatumbo lightning and the beautiful Andes Mountains