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Paris Workshop

We will be spending the week with Deborah Sandidge: Sept. 7, 2014 to Sept. 13, 2014

 Minimum number of attendees is 8; maximum number of attendees is 15

Fitness Level: Medium physical activity involved in this photo tour as we will be doing lots of walking. However, there is some high degree of physical requirements to walk to the top of some Parisian buildings. The choice will be yours, but the views from the top of Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame are breathtaking.

Price: $975 USD

This price is the fee for the photography workshop portion of your time in Paris. All attendees are responsible for making their own travel arrangements through their own travel agency in order to match up to the workshop itinerary.

Here’s how it works: You book your own hotel rooms (we will recommend hotels). You pay for your own meals. We provide photographic instruction and guidance. And, we arrange shooting locations, meeting times, meeting areas, restaurants, etc.

Deposit Required to secure spot: $500

Pro Photographer Guides: Deborah Sandidge and Kevin A Pepper who will be making his 7th trip back to Paris

Our goal is to answer all of your questions while we spend our time together in Paris. But because of the nature of this photography tour, the key learning opportunities will be on:

Apertures & Shutter Speeds : We will discuss the different modes on your camera and the effect your aperture and shutter setting have on your images.

Composition: Learn how to improve your photography by applying ‘rules’ of composition in the uniques street scene settings or the Parisian landscape.

Focusing Techniques: Here you learn how to keep the focus on your subject whether taking a architecture images or photographing action!

Long Exposure: With frequent night walks you will learn how to control shutter speeds at night.

Digital Darkroom: A Photographers Lounge photo tour is the perfect opportunity for any photographer to refine their post processing skills using Photoshop, NIK Software and Photomatix.

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Experience the "city of lights and love" during a six day workshop in Paris. This is a photo workshop for students interested in exploring the rich traditions of Parisian street photography and capture the buildings that have been synonymous with photography for generations.

Students will spend much time exploring and photographing the daily life of Paris and will visit many of the rich museums housing some of the greatest works of art ever produced. The workshop deals with the humanistic traditions of street photography, and students will be expected to think not only in terms of single images in a fine art sense, but will be highly encouraged to think of the notion of telling a story with a group of pictures.

Students will be encouraged to photograph the life of Paris and accept the challenge of photographing people, as well as the environment and visual landscape of the city. Kevin and Deb will help the students with this process and offer tips for overcoming any hesitations or mental blocks of timidity in this process.

In your one-on-one sessions Kevin and Deborah will discuss technique, intent, composition, and the creative use of the camera and lens. Theye will review and critique your portfolio, your Paris images, discuss careers, getting published and give you an idea of where you are, and what to do next to become a better photographer.

This workshop is for experienced photographers and photography students who want to explore Paris, while working with and learning from a professional photographer that has visited Paris multiple times over the last 10 years. This is an opportunity to be inspired by the street and nightlife of Paris and to produce a new body of images. Students will explore the rich tradition of the "decisive moment" and be encouraged to contemplate the themes of humor, sensuality, light, elegance, and art and joie de vivre of the Paris landscape. This six-day workshop will prove be one of the richest and inspiring photographic experiences of a lifetime for all participants.


This is an ideal workshop to bring along a spouse, son or daughter or partner. Non-photographic companions may join the group sessions and meals but are not involved in the critique or review sessions. The fee for non photographic guests is $250.


This will mainly be a walking tour. There will be some METRO rides during the workshop but they will be direct and short. Each morning we will define a meeting area and meeting time. From there will will start our day together as a group and head to our scheduled locations.


Hotels are not included in the workshop fees. Attendees are responsible for booking their own hotels. Please contact us for more information on the area we will be central too before you contact your travel agent to book your own hotels.  There are many quality and reasonable hotels you can research on-line in Montmarte and Sacre Coeur district of Paris.

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Plan to arrive on Saturday or latest by noon on Sunday. The first workshop session will begin at 4pm on Sunday with a group dinner and an optional group photo walk through Montmarte. Flights from North America are often in the evenings, which mean you could fly Friday evening, and arrive in Paris on Saturday and give yourself Saturday and Saturday night to get acclimated before the workshop begins on Sunday.


The workshop ends at noon, the next Saturday, with a final show of best of the students' images that were produced during the week. Students are free to leave on Saturday afternoon, which would enable those needing to get back to North America to work on Monday the time to do so. Those wishing to stay in Paris or France longer are free to continue their trip after the final class.


This is a digital workshop. Students will need to know how to download their digital images to a flash drive so that your work can be critiqued by Deb and Kevin.

What to Bring

Besides your DSLR cameras, lenses and various photographic accessories; bring a body of your creative work with you to share a portfolio or images on a flash drive with Deborah and Kevin.

Camera Gear

A digital SLR camera. Students may also work with a high end point and shoot camera. Two bodies are recommended, with a minimum of at least one wide-angle lens, a medium length telephoto lens and a longer telephoto lens. You should also consider bringing a series of polarizer filters and ND filters along on the trip. A tripod is also strongly encouraged as we will be taking lots of night photos.

In order to shoot comfortably in low light situations, it will be preferable that students have a lens that is relatively fast and has an aperture such as 1.4, 1.8, 2 or 2.8. Students should bring several memory cards (at least four 8G cards are recommended), extra batteries and necessary battery chargers. Your laptop should have image management software, such as Apple's Aperture, Adobe's Light Room or Adobe’s CS6. We are also skilled in programs such as NIK and Photomatix for those that know those programs. If you do not own these programs each can be downloaded on a 30 day trial basis.

Sigma and Lensbaby are a partner and sponsor of the Photographer's Lounge. We will have a variety of these lenses for students to try under the mentoring of our instructors. 

Research and Preparation

Research and preparation are important parts of any workshop. There are many guidebooks about Paris, and extensive information and photos of Paris and France to be found on the Internet on numerous photo sharing sites.


Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are up to the students. You are encouraged to join each other in local restaurants and cafes. Expect to be paying around 50 to 100 euros a day on meals.

Tentative Itinerary (weather permitting - this may be adjusted to acomodate for weather)

Sunday night … Group dinner, one-on-one discussions and optional group walk after dinner. Assignment dissemination where attendees will choose an assignment that will be designed to help them work on their goals as detailed in their questionairre that was sent prior ot the workshop.

Monday early ... Catch the Basilique du Sacre Coeur as the sun rises in the east. Then we will stroll through the area and photograph the hundreds of vendors , people and park areas

Monday afternoon ... Visit an absolutely stunning display of French architecture in the Montmarte graveyard

Monday night ... Sunset photo shoot at the Basilique du Sacre Coeur and surrounding Moulin Rouge area in Montmarte.

Tuesday morning ... Shoot the Notre Dame Cathedral and sunrise and walk along the river and view local architecture, artisans and cafes

Tuesday afternoon ... free afternoon to explore Paris in smaller groups and work on assignments.

Tuesday night ... Catch the beautiful golden hour and blue hour sky as the backdrop of the Arc de Triomphe and then proceed on a night walk on Champs de elysee. The street is lined with high fashion, tourists, locals and abundant of cafes, restaurants. This is the perfect opportunity to capture the street life on one of the most famous streets in the world.

Wednesday morning ... As the sun rises we will be waiting for our morning photo shoot at Eiffel Tower and surrounding park areas, bridges, architecture, people and the Place des Invalides. Then as the sun rises and the light gets stronger we will ascend up the iconic tower for a 360 degree view of Paris.

Wednesday afternoon ... group photo discussion and one on one portfolio review

Wednesday night ... Again, we return for one of the most anticipated shoots of the week... the night photo shoot at Eiffel Tower and surrounding area. See the tower in its full glory as the light display lights up this icon. Its impression on the entire area can be captured through the people, the reflections in the water and the light it casts on teh surrounding area.

Thursday morning ... Nothing is as breathtaking as Le Louvre in the golden hour. On this morning we will beat the crowds and tour around the exterior of this wonderful building, the Tuileries Garden area.

Thursday afternoon ... Explore Le Louvre museum and Musee d'Orsay inside and out and see some of the worlds most cherished art pieces... the best part, you can bring your camera inside and take photos of these wonderful masterpieces to have in your own personal collection.

Thursday night ... We return for what is to be another highlight of your trip... a sunset and night time photo shoot of Le Louvre and arc de triumphe du Carrousel.

Friday morning ... We descend into another world... The Paris Catacombs. this winding underground district offers you so many unique photo opportunities that you will not know where to point yoru camera.

Friday afternoon ... The beautiful Luxembourg gardens

Friday night ... A simple stroll on the Seine River photo walk after dark will produce for us a recap of many places you have already seen, but will also offer you an abundant of opportunities to capture the reasons why they call Paris the city of lights and the city of love. See the city traditionally or focus on the water as the reflections can create a unique and compelling image that will be admired by all your friends that did not attend the workshop.

Saturday ... Return sunrise shoot visit to two locations of the groups choice, an opportunity for a redo if you will. the group decides by democratic vote and we will go back one more time to allow you t o capture your favorite location through your lens. This will be followed by a group breakfast, image submissions and a slide show review of the photos taken by everyone.

The workshop ends...

For more information about the photography workshop, or to book your spot in the workshop, please contact Kevin Pepper via email at [email protected]