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Mentor Program

A “ Mentorship Program ” is where you work with a mentor to expand your photographic knowledge and skills, and, for those that want to turn this into a business, refine your photographic business acumen. We will champion your work—guiding and supporting your photographic dreams and aspirations.

A mentorship is often goal-oriented; it could lead to exhibiting your art in a gallery, publishing your book or ebook, building a stronger portfolio for graduate school, creating a social media and marketing strategy, developing a business plan to start your photography career, or simply creating a memorable portfolio of personal images under the watchful eye of an experienced photographer.

Our programs are set up into three different categories:

(1) You are new to photography and you want to master your camera and editing software in order to take better photos.

(2) You have been taking images for awhile and are comfortable with the functions of your camera and editing software… but you want to take your photography to the next level. You want to start taking images like the PRO’s, and maybe you want to start generating some money from photography

(3) You decided you want photography to become a supplemental career or even make this your full time job. You need help structuring your business and developing a plan to help you achieve success.


The Photography Mentorships program offers three options to cater to your individual needs.

(1) Year-long mentorship of 16 sessions with your mentor. This includes 60 minute phone consultations approximately every four weeks, a quarterly review, photographic assignments that are custom designed to fit your goals, and critiques of online images.

(2) Six-month mentorship of 8 sessions. This includes 60 minute phone consultations approximately every four weeks, a quarterly review, photographic assignments that are custom designed to fit your goals, and critiques of online images.

(3) Single sessions of 60 minutes each, with a maximum of four sessions with one mentor.

Topics covered are wide ranging and arise from your individual needs and questions, and all communications will occur in person, via phone or online. Your mentorship will likely focus on refining your personal vision and style; however, technical questions, business and marketing strategies, advice on book publishing or exhibiting your images, and life coaching may also be part of the mentor relationship. Our mentors bring their own experience from their careers in photography to help you develop and expand your passion for image making.


Although the mentorship program is primarily for long-distance learning, face-to-face meetings between mentors and their students are is definitely possible if you are local. In addition, the opportunity to photograph with a mentor is an attractive option. Since these meetings are likely to last well over an hour, they are considered outside the structured mentorship sessions and costs need to be worked out between the mentor and the student on a case-by-case basis.


Making the decision to embark upon a mentorship to move your photography forward is a major decision. The first formal step is to speak with Kevin Pepper, Owner and Principal Photographer at the Photographer’s Lounge. In addition to answering your questions, Kevin will expect you to articulate your goals for a mentorship. Together, you and Kevin will decide if you are ready for a mentorship and which mentor(s) would fulfill your goals. The next step is to write down your goals and share them. Once we have mutually agreed upon your goals, it’s time to register with the Photographer’s Lounge Mentorship Program and start the program with your first session.


Twelve-month Photography Mentorship (16 sessions): $2750

Six-month Photography Mentorship (8 sessions): $1600

Supplemental One Hour Single sessions if requested: $100

Personal one-on-one field photography sessions for those in the Mentor Program (90 minutes): $150

You can talk to us about custom designed programs as well. We have worked with insurance companies and employment agencies to structure programs designed to help retrain workers for a second career.

You can pay via paypal below or contact us to arrange payment terms.


Our standard mentorship is structured to have individual sessions with your mentor approximately every three weeks. This time frame is flexible; however, mentorships need to be completed in the time allotted (6 or 12 months). Sessions are usually conducted over the phone, although Skype and iChat are possibilities. The mentor gives assignments at the end of each session with the expectation and understanding that completion of these assignments will be made before the next session. Images or other assignments are emailed to the mentor before the next scheduled session,
allowing enough time for the mentor to review the work.

Respecting the mentors’ time commitments to this program is important. Your Mentor will be a busy professional who does not have much spare time in their lives. Each mentor session is 60 minutes in length. Contact with your mentor between these scheduled sessions should to be kept to emergencies.

To enquire about our Mentorship Program please contact Kevin Pepper via our "Contact Us" page, or call 519.620.9185