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Our Partners at "The Lounge"

The companies below are ones that we believe in and use their products because we want to use them. Yes, some of these companies have supplied us with product or financial support, but that is because we developed a relationship based on mutual respect and want to help each other in our business efforts.

Spot on every time... and service second to none. Rebel and the entire staff at Big Footprints are excellent to deal with. I printed my first image that was to be hung in an art gallery and have never gone anywhere else for any of my printing needs.

They have an ftp service and can handle any size job that you can throw at them.


I have been wearing Columbia clothing for a long time now. As a photographer their clothing is durable enough to handle the situations I find myself in.

Wearing anything that is of lesser quality would end up costing me more money beause I would have to be replacing clothing more often.


HDRSoft's HDR program, Photomatix, has all the features you need for producing HDR images. Whether you want to produce a realistic photo or a grungy photo, this is a product you should download and try.

The workflow is logical and they even have seamless integration into Lightroom.

Download the trial for free, but if you want to purchase the software you can receive 15% off of the Photomatix plug-in, go to http://www.hdrsoft.com/ and enter KPepPhoto on checkout to receive teh discount.


Having spent much of their lives living and working in Tanzania, they are proud of their heritage and offer to share it with anyone.

They are well acquainted with the awe-inspiring array of attractions that this peaceful and friendly part of East Africa has to offer. With their 9 + years of experience and knowledge, they offer the Photographer's Lounge the experience we need to develop economical trips to see the Tanzanian and Kenyan treasures - from the breathtaking parks to the wonderful people and cultures.


Lensbaby lenses mount directly onto your SLR or mirrorless camera body. Lensbaby lenses have interchangeable optics. Each Lensbaby lens comes with an optic installed. This optic can easily be removed and replaced with any of our 7 other optics. Each Lensbaby lens gives you access to our full line of creative effects. You just have to choose the lens that fits your shooting style.

You will have the opportunity to try the Lensbaby lenses on a variety of our workshops.

To see the full line-up of lenses and accessories, please check out the link below.


Renting gear for a period of time before the purchase of a new camera or lens is always something I suggest. Its a great way to find out what is the best gear for your shooting habits and styles.

Rental is also a great way to have a second camera or super telephoto lens with you on that once in a lifetime trip.

If I need a lens or another camera body I contact the team at Lens Rental Canada.


Since Spring of 2007 Outdoor Photography Canada has been a magazine where you can read about the latest products, techniques, see images from coast to coast and they have an active forum where you can interact with other Canadian photogs like yourself.

You can also read columns from friends of mine, Ethan Meleg and John E. Marriott.


For a quarter century Photoflex® has produced lighting products that are driven by: Innovation, Quality, Versatility and Durability. We’re proud to present our products to the photo, film and video industries worldwide.

Photoflex supplies "The Photographer's Lounge" with all their lighting gear for our workshops that contain a lighting component. Students will be able to see and use the latest lighting gear on the market today.


The Photographer's Ephemeris helps you plan your outdoor shoots with full details of how the sun and moon move across the land. It gets you to the right place at the right time, everytime.

I use this handy software whenever I am planning to head out to do a shoot and I would reccomend it to everyone.


Since 1961, Sigma has worked towards a single, simple goal: To imagine and develop the technologies that will allow the attainment of the perfect image. It’s a commitment Sigma has made and honoured since day one. It’s evident in Sigma's design process that unites R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service. It’s evident in Sigma's standards - above and beyond industry norms - requiring every single lens to be analyzed by Sigma's proprietary ultra-high definition sensors and approved before leaving the factory. And its evident in Sigma's final products, built with premium materials, and known worldwide for quality and performance.


When I was looking for a new website for my www.kpepphotography.com website I met Makham from SmugMug. I learned more about the company and was able to see the capabilities of their website. I was sold! The product is sound and the team there is one of the best I have ever dealt with. They really are "Hero's".

I have not looked back since and my business started to take off once I was on the SmugMug platform.