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Welcome to "The Lounge"

"The Lounge" was started to give all levels of photographers the opportunity to take a more in-depth look into different genre's of photography with other like minded people that share the passion of photography. We do this in a relaxed group setting twice a month from September to April.

We also will have other events like sponsored photo outings as we get them created... these photowalks will be topic specific and will be lead by PRO photographers that specialize in specific photography styles.

Why would you want to become a member of "The Lounge"? Where else can you meet people who enjoy creating photographs just like you, experienced and amateur photographers sharing their shooting methods, discussing possible travel locations, talk apertures, f-stops and Photoshop, the opportunity to look at and try the latest photogrpahic gear, get wholesale pricing on photographic workshops ... plus PRO's giving you their inside tips - and all in one place?

People often ask us if we are a "photo club"... my answer is, " No, a photo club is probably run by amateur photographers that are enthusiastic about photography just like you. 'The Lounge' is owned by a professional photographer that has had the pleasure of mentoring under some of the worlds most successful photographers. As a result of that real world experience I have taken that learning and have now passed it on to our instructors. All our instructors can now take pride at being better teachers having learned the teaching skills that are imperative to making our instruction a successul learning environment. We believe we offer more insightful presentations and valuable information that you will not receive elsewhere ."

Our members also receive access to the latest photography gear through our sponsorships and relationships. This gear is brought to our meetings for you to look at and see first hand on how it operates in the real world... from professional studio lighting set ups, to the latest super telephoto lens and new products that hit the shelves. At the Lounge you will have opportunities to see this gear, opportunities that you will not get at your local photography club.

The Photographer's Lounge also has far reaching relationships with professional photographers from Canada, America and Europe. When possible, we bring you these photographers that work with the Photographer's Lounge when they visit Ontario. As a benefit of membership we offer our members the opportunity to talk one-on-one with these world class PRO's without an extra fee as you would have to pay elsewhere.

We also introduce you to the latest photographic news and information as it is announced... no need to scour the web anymore, we sent it right to your inbox as we get the press releases. We cover topics from photography gear, composition, editing tips, photographic destinations, printing and the latest news from the industry. Members can also access this information online in our "Members Learning Center". Here they can look at their leisure for tips, tutorials, shooting locations, video tutorials and different gear suggested for each type of photography genre.

As a member of "The Lounge" you also will receive the opportunity to attend our workshops with our International Teachers at a more attractive price than you would have to pay if you were not a member.

Member's also receive discounts on products. Our partners and sponsors have authorized us to extend to you affiliate discounts on their various products. Your membership investment could easily be erased with the deep discounts you will receive on software and photographic gear through "The Lounge".

The Photographer's Lounge is an advocate for conserving the natural beauty of the world we live in. For the 2013/2014 season 5% of all money collected from the membership dues for "The Lounge" will be donated to our partner, Polar Bears International. To learn more about PBI's global efforts please visit their website at, http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/

These benefits begin from the moment you register and are active till the end of our meeting season in which you registered. For example, any member registering in February of 2013 will have an active membership until April 30, 2014. You will be required to renew your membership after April 30, 2014 in order to activate your membership for the following year.

To see how we structure our meetings please see the " Meeting Page "

To see our calendar please have a look here .

To register and become a member please visit our " Membership Page "

If you are a professional photographer and would like to discuss opening another "Lounge" location in your area, please contact us. We are currently looking to expand our business.

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